VISA to Bhutan
100% Visa Issuance Guaranteed

VISA to Bhutan

With the exception of visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all other visitors travelling to Bhutan need a visa. 

Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can obtain a permit at the port of entry on producing a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity (Indian nationals may also use their Voters Identity Card (VIC)).  

All other tourists must obtain a visa clearance prior the travel to Bhutan.  The Bhutan visa has to be processed via a government approved travel agency such as Exotic Vacations Bhutan.

Bhutan Visa Application Procedures

To process visa, you need to furnish the following documents/information:

  • A copy of valid passport (the passport should have validity of 6 months on the day of departure from Bhutan).
  • A color passport size photograph not older than 6 months
  • Passport place/country of issue
  • Permanent address
  • Profession/Occupation

For students,
• Submit a scanned copy of student ID for student discounts as per sample

Note: You need to send passport copy and photograph via email attachment in JPEG format to enable us to upload in the visa online system by us.

We apply visa on your behalf and upon approval, forward you a copy, which you need to print and bring along and produce at the airport immigration desk. Actual visa will be stamped on your passport on arrival at Paro International airport or at the border if you enter via land.

Bhutan Custom

Visitors are required to fill up the custom declaration form and handover the same to custom officials on arrival at the Paro airport. You need to carry a copy of this form and produce at the time of departure.

Following articles are exempted from duty:

  1. Personal affects and articles for day to day use by the visitor
  2. 2 liters of alcohol
  3. Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use
  4. Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic goods for personal use
  5. Imports of tobacco products are highly restricted. A person is allowed to bring a carton of 200 pieces of cigarettes or 150 gram of tobacco or equal weight of cigar. Only one product is allowed at a time. Any tobacco products for personal consumption will attract 100% custom duty and 100% sales tax. You also need to produce purchase receipt.

* The articles mentioned under “3”& “4” must be declared upon entry. If such items disposed of in Bhutan by sale or gift, you are liable for a custom duty upon exit.